Troystar Outdoor

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Whilst Troystar Outdoor in New York have specialised in traditional billboards, truck sides, scaffolding etc we understand that they are experimenting with two new ‘mediums’; the first is not surprisingly a digital sign and the latter is a bit more interesting – a partnership with Microsoft to place outdoor format advertisements (digitally) in Xbox video games.

You may remember that last year, DailyDOOH had a brief presence on Second Life when we handled the distribution for WBCM ’07

Troystar Outdoor specializes in out of home advertising opportunities such as traditional billboards, wallscapes, scaffolding, wild posting, light panels, truck sides and many other types of traditional and non traditional grass roots gorilla marketing strategies. Out of home advertising mediums offer the unavoidable message feature that other mediums cannot compete with. While viewing a billboard you simply cannot flip the page, change the channel, or turn it off. Billboards and other out of home advertising opportunities deliver your brands message with clear, powerful, larger then life impact.

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