STRATACACHE Launch @Walkbase Asset

Andrew Neale

STRATACACHE just announced the product launch of Walkbase Asset, extending the capabilities of STRATACACHE’s location-based marketing and analytics platform, Walkbase.

Ben Reynolds, VP of Business Development at STRATACACHE, told us “The development of Walkbase Asset is a direct result of growing demand and conversations with our customers. Specifically in retail, there is a business-critical need to know where sales personnel are in real-time — to see how they are interfacing with customers and locate high-value equipment in real-time to understand utilization and reduce theft and loss. This carries over to other sectors such as transportation hubs and restaurants. Retailers, owners and operators are seeing the significant ROI this solution can offer.”

Walkbase Asset is described as a powerful asset management tool for measuring the real-time location of staff and high value assets to monitor usage and increase operational efficiency. With the addition of Walkbase Asset, the platform can now increase operational efficiency, reduce loss and optimize the workforce by monitoring and analyzing the location of assets or personnel in real-time, or historically inside venues. Walkbase was acquired by STRATACACHE in 2017 and has become part of the full solution offering of all companies in the STRATACACHE family of marketing technology companies.

It’s a cloud-based solution that uses Bluetooth and Wi-Fi location technologies, combined with patented Walkbase algorithms, to deliver cost effective, high-precision and scalable asset location-monitoring services. An online dashboard displays asset analytics in real-time, including a visual map of equipment and personnel locations and zone visits and dwell times. Asset location data can be integrated and combined with other data sources under the Walkbase platform — including customer behavior, point of sale, marketing campaigns, and weather — to create a 360-degree view of what is happening in your physical spaces.

Walkbase uses in-store sensor technology to measure and analyze customer behaviors and preferences, converting them in to actionable insights. These rich insights can be used to personalize marketing across channels and improve store operations. Since its acquisition, Walkbase has shown opportunity for rapid growth on a global scale, having been featured at events for companies across the STRATACACHE family in the Americas, Europe and Asia-Pacific regions.

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