Pikasso Launches in Armenia And Acquires the Inventory of Arabella

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Pikasso announces today that it has entered the Armenian market under the name of Pikasso OOH LLC and launched its activity with the acquisition of the inventory of locations of Arabella. This inventory is composed of Large Formats: Unipoles, Rooftops, and Billboards, all of them located in prime locations in Yerevan.

Yerevan is the administrative capital, the cultural and industrial center of Armenia. It’s the main urban center with a population of 1.12 million inhabitants out of three million for the whole country.

Antonio Vincenti, Chairman and CEO of Pikasso, told us “The acquisition of the inventory of Arabella, one of the leading OOH players in the market, will allow us to create some iconic OOH products by unleashing the potential of these very prime locations, and by digitizing some of them. We will launch soon among others ‘Yerevan Gate’, two Unipoles facing each other and sold together on the Airport road, as well as ‘Yerevani Berd’ located at the main access of the city center facing the historic castle. This first step in the Caucasus was motivated by the large Armenian Diaspora living in Lebanon which has created close links between the two countries with an increasing number of businesses investing in Yerevan.”

Pikasso is the number one Out-of-Home advertising company throughout the Levant (Lebanon, Jordan and Iraq), leader in North Africa (Algeria and Tunisia), and has recently extended its activity to West Africa (Mali, Ivory Coast and Senegal) and the Caucasus (Armenia). With more than 13,000 advertising faces, 270 digital screens, 60 concessions, a presence in 434 cities and towns in 9 countries, and 400 highly qualified professionals, Pikasso places quality and innovation at the heart of its development.

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