Former @RMGNetworks Joe Rabah Jumps Ship

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

After over two decades with Symon Communications (and RMG Networks) we note that super salesman and ever so nice guy Joe Rabah has finally jumped ship.

His LinkedIn profile now lists him as CEO, Connectiv which we assume is, his own new business.

If rumours are true then this means the end of any RMG Networks business in Dubai and the Middle East, as Joe has allegedly taken ALL of his Dubai based team with him on this new venture.

We also hear that Jana Ahlfinger Bell, who has been Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer at RMG Networks for the last four years is leaving the business.

With only four of five employees left in the UK, globally, RMG Networks are shrinking faster than Garry McGuire‘s long term job prospects.

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