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Comedywire Changes Name To Write Label

We note that Comedywire has changed its name to Write Label.

Gideon Stein, CEO told us “While our writers have been busy delivering the best content for you, we’ve been taking stock of the community and platform we’ve built together over the past four years. Given our focus on constantly iterating and refining our offering, we have some exciting news to share … our scope of work and success has grown beyond the Comedywire name and we are excited to announce that we are taking a bold step to rebrand ourselves as Write Label”.

The belief is that ‘Write Label’ better describes their expansive services providing fast, efficient, creative writing for a wide range of projects from advertising copy to social media content.

Gideon added “Our new name reflects our core focus – serving as a white label service to provide you with excellent and effective creative content. So, although we will have a new name, logo and website, our services will be the same”.