3 Borders, 7 Cities @SplickyDSP Programmatic Campaign

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Harvest Digital and the Sziget Festival recently delivered a fully programmatic digital out of home campaign on Jaduda’s Splicky DSP which crossed three national borders and was delivered in seven major cities. Channels targeted included digital outdoor spaces, restaurants, office buildings and shopping malls via PrimeSight, Orb and ECN.

The Sziget campaign featured cross-channel mobile geofencing: consumers were served GPS-coordinated, rich-media video ads on their mobile devices within 60 meters of booked DOOH locations using Splicky’s mobile DSP capabilities.

Ian Unger, head of international sales at Splicky, told us “DOOH programmatic advertising is on the rise. With the help of Harvest Digital’s approach to ad-tech innovation, we have accomplished so much already. We managed to make several breakthroughs with this campaign, advertising internationally and across channels. We saw all the benefits of programmatic DOOH come to light, with real-time updates to creatives as artists were announced, efficiency in adding additional markets that can go live in less than an hour and the combination with mobile, targeting consumers exactly where they are. We have proven that scale is possible with programmatic DOOH. We are very proud to have two absolute first movers and innovators as customers with Harvest Digital and Sziget and most certainly could not have done this without them”.

Harvest Digital/Sziget’s Ákos Filep Remetei, head of sales, said “This was the first time we ran DOOH. The opportunity, presented to us by Harvest, to deliver programmatically digital out of home across the U.K., Ireland and France was an opportunity we were keen to trial. With a fantastic lineup to this year’s festival, being able to display this message in key cities supported by mobile activity, remarketing users who were within 60 meters of a DOOH location, was a smart approach. Moving forward, it is a channel we will be considering within our media mix.”

Splicky is a trading name of Jaduda GmbH, a Goldbach Group company. Splicky runs a demand-side platform (DSP) for mobile and DOOH campaigns developed in Germany. A DSP is a trading platform upon which advertisers and media agencies can bid on digital ad spaces for their ad media via a single interface. Thanks to the underlying real-time bidding technology, this booking process runs automatically and in real time. Purchase prices are optimised by the bidding process and reporting is simplified.

Splicky employs special algorithms to drive better results from mobile and DOOH campaigns and works with tracking and targeting technologies specifically developed for these channels.

Harvest Digital was founded in 2001 by CEO Emma Robbins and Planning Director Mike Teasdale. Sziget Ltd. is the biggest festival organizer in Hungary and one of the biggest festival organizing companies in Europe. Sziget Festival is the largest event on offer, running for seven days with more than 100 international artists playing to crowds from all over the world. Across the festival season, they also manage other events such as Gourmet Festival, Children’s Island, Telekom VOLT Festival, Balaton Sound and Sziget Festival. The company was established in 1993 and now operates with more than 50 full-time employees.

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