UK #OOH Audiences Buoyed By Growth of Digital Screens

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Driven by significant growth from digital out of home screens, new UK audience data released by Route this week paints the picture of an industry in very good health.

Route produces audience estimates for UK out-of-home advertising covering both posters and digital screens. It offers a world leading currency utilising cutting-edge Multi Sensor Tracking devices. These record people’s travel habits and offer unparalleled accuracy. The data it publishestells subscribers how many people see an advertising campaign and how often they do so. The information is used as the currency for planning, buying, selling, and evaluating advertising investment in the medium.

Recent data would suggest that: –

  • 98% of the adult population in Great Britain will see an out of home advert, whether a poster or a screen, each week.
  • 68% of the population will now see a digital screen at least once each week.
  • 1.1bn digital impacts are now seen by people across Great Britain each week, which is an increase of 11.1% in the last three months and 36% in the last year.

Euan Mackay, General Manager of Route told us “The data show another strong performance for digital out of home with a lot of new screens being included in the measurement system which is helping to increase the audience. It’s also encouraging to see the distribution of these screens spreading further meaning that advertisers can take advantage of all the benefits of digital ads such as movement and environmentally contextual triggers on an even wider scale than ever before”.

It’s obvious that, as a broadcast medium reaching 98% of the population, out of home successfully provides advertisers scope to reach any and every demographic at scale. The urban clustering of digital screens however means that those exposed to digital out of home ads tend to be slightly younger and more affluent than the average. 37% of digital impacts are seen by 15-34s and 63% by ABC1s.

Route data is published quarterly. This data is based on the ‘R31’ release published on 12th June 2019. The data is based on a sample of 29,750 adults. Route currently measures audiences for 391, 203 advertising sites across GB.

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