Prohaska Consulting Relaunches Programmatic Creative Practice

Russ Curry, Ministry of New Media

Prohaska Consulting, the most experienced and largest global programmatic consulting firm, is re-launching its Programmatic Creative practice.

Matt Prohaska, CEO & Principal of Prohaska Consulting told us “We say re-launch because we originally soft-launched the practice four years ago when we first saw the opportunity of bringing media and creative together to leverage Tech, Targets, and Talent. But we quickly realized most in the industry were not ready yet, not fully understanding the potential, so we put those offerings on the shelf to bring back later. We are excited to see many more now are ready to start improving their own and/or their clients’ work.”

Programmatic Creative does not just refer to improving creative for programmatic media, but applying programmatic best practices to the creative process. Prohaska helps clients in two ways through Programmatic Creative: first at the Objectives & Strategies, or the Brief, stage to unite media and creative. This may be recognizing personalization options and plans before stories begin development. Secondly during the campaign, by optimizing creative through improved processes and Tech partners to produce better outcomes.

Erin Yasgar, VP of Global Marketer & Agency Strategy for Prohaska said “We as an industry have spent more than 14 years now focused on improving the right place, right time, right person, and right screen. It’s time we leverage the ecosystem and focus on getting the right messages and branding to the right audience. The need for addressable creative can be overwhelming but it’s not an impossible task.”

The Prohaska team has already been helping several existing clients with their creative and will be attending the Cannes Lions Festival once again this year discussing these and other opportunities with existing clients, prospects, and partners across its Marketer, Agency, Tech, Publisher, Investor, and Trade Group global verticals.

Prohaska Consulting has more than 60 full-time and freelance teammates who have served more than 325 clients over the past five years. Winner of AdExchanger’s 2019 Best Programmatic Consulting Firm, the company has five distinct client vertical teams focused on guiding Marketers, Agencies, Tech, Publishers, Trade Groups and Investors on optimal strategy and execution.

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  1. John R Osborn Says:

    This is great. I sense a shift toward rebundling these two important functions of advertising: messaging and placement. As usual, Prohaska Consulting is right on top of it.

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