#NationalRefillDay Promoted by @JCDecaux_UK

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

As part of the promotion for today’s #NationalRefillDay (June 19, 2019) JCDecaux UK, City to Sea and Robeco are working together to encourage rail users to switch from single use bottles to refillables to help reduce the UK’s plastic pollution.

Jo Morley, Head of Marketing and Campaigns at City to Sea told us “The Refill Channel has provided us with a fantastic opportunity to reach more people than ever before, to connect our actions to our oceans and to encourage people to switch from single-use plastic to reusables. We know most people buy bottled water when commuting or on the go, so using the Refill Channel ensures we can make our content as relevant as possible to the environment and the audience in the run-up to National Refill Day. We know people want to reduce their use of plastic and the Refill campaign puts the power in their hands.”

The Refill Channel is running on JCDecaux UK’s Rail and One New Change digital 6-sheet Channels in London, and city centre digital 6-sheets in Bristol. It features thought-provoking, relevant content designed to provide rail users, commuters and shoppers with plastic pollution-related pause for thought, as well as a solution to thirst on the go by raising awareness of City to Sea’s Refill campaign and free app. The location-based app connects people to their nearest Refill Station, where they can pop in and fill up with free drinking water, without the need to make a purchase, making it easy to help reduce plastic pollution. There are now more than 20,000 Refill Stations on the app including high-street chains like Costa, Starbucks and Pret as well as transport hubs like Network Rail stations and airports.

Chris Collins, Co-CEO of JCDecaux UK said “We’re really pleased to be working with City to Sea and Robeco on the Refill Channel at this very relevant time of year – not only in summer, but over National Refill Day. The campaign proves how Out-of-Home media can fulfil a vital role as a ‘force for good’, communicating thought-provoking content to consumers at a point where it’s directly relevant, and therefore most likely to encourage them to act. Messages across JCDecaux UK’s roadside, retail and rail channels are perfectly placed to reach people considering how to remain hydrated throughout their day.”

The Refill Channel content highlights the sheer scale of single-use plastic pollution and also shows how each individual who chooses to refill makes a real, positive difference, encouraging people to make this small but significant behavioural change by switching to a reusable bottle and refilling on the go. 

The campaign is a Channel partnership between non-profit organisation City to Sea, who launched, and run, the Refill campaign and app; Robeco, international asset managers and sustainability investment experts – who are a supporting partner of the Refill campaign; and JCDecaux.

Peter Walsh, Head of Robeco UK said, “We are proud to be City to Sea’s UK Sustainability Investing Partner and, as such, to actively support this campaign which brings the Refill Channel to life. The audience reach of this campaign contributes effectively to achieving our objective of raising awareness of issues related to single-use plastic, as well as aligning with our organisation’s longstanding sustainability culture.”

The campaign creative was devised by 23red.

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