EYE Helps MTV Tr3s To Launch Music Telenova

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

US Mall media operator EYE is working with MTV’s MTV Tr3s to help launch their new music telenovela, Isa TKM.

We are told that this #1 hit teen telenovela has become a phenomenon across Latin America – the debut episode in the US of Isa TKM aired Monday, June 22 at 5pm EST, with new episodes following each weekday at 5pm EST.

eye_isa-mtvJeff Gunderman, SVP Eye Shop told us that “EYE malls have excellent reach of the Hispanic demographic in these cities so this campaign was a natural fit. Our recent Teen Shopper Profile study by Arbitron found that teens visit the mall five times per month and spend nearly two hours each visit. This shows that malls are a perfect environment for advertisers such as MTV Tr3s to reach this young receptive audience,”

The campaign kicked off Monday in over 20 EYE malls in the New York, Los Angeles and Phoenix DMAs with a combination of EYE’s static and digital formats.

Jessica Cappucci, Manager MTV Tr3s Marketing told us “MTV Tr3s is reaching out to the Latino teen audience with this show and we knew there was no better place for our message than at the mall”.

About MTV Tr3s

MTV Tr3s (mtvTr3s.com) is available in broadcast in 7 million Hispanic TV households and 38 million total TV households, making it the most-widely distributed TV network dedicated to superserving today’s bicultural Latino youth. MTV Tr3s programming is rooted in the fusion of American and Latino music, cultures, lifestyles and languages. Music programming is at the core of MTV Tr3s and the channel features hitmakers, emerging artists and new sounds that resonate with young U.S. Latinos. In addition to music programming, the MTV Tr3s programming slate also features lifestyle series, news, documentaries and other long-form programs that celebrate U.S. Latino hybrid identity and culture

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