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Maddie Cotterill

Euan Mackay, Route General Manager dropped us a quick note, pointing us in the general direction of a couple of insight / data pieces which Route has published in the last couple of weeks.

  • The first is particularly timely, given the kick-off of the football season yesterday (“real football starts before the Premiership you know” said Euan Mackay). In this article Route shows the weekly reach of digital out of home in each and every one of the towns which houses a football team in the top flights of English and Scottish football. They also then re-rank the leagues according to the teams relative weekly cover. It’s fair to say that there are a few footballing surprises in there. You can see the article on the Route website here.
  • Secondly they have a piece which was written for Mediatel. In this editorial they throw around a fair few numbers to support the argument that Mary Meeker’s ‘time spent with media chart’ should build advertising size to the mix as equating a banner ad on a mobile phone with a whacking great big 96 sheet is not really comparing like with like. In fact, you’d need 53,000 mobile banner ads to create one 96 sheet. You can read that here.

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