LUMO Digital Outdoor’s ‘Enhanced’ Website

Tristan Cotterill

This week, LUMO Digital Outdoor launched an enhanced website, featuring a platform that allows clients to log in to a portal and view LUMO’s digital billboards throughout New Zealand in real-time through high-definition cameras.

LUMO co-founder and CEO Phil Clemas told us “We’re bringing a whole new level of transparency and measurability to the outdoor media industry, and our website is a key component in our ability to deliver that. In fact, LUMO has become the most transparent outdoor media company in the world. Through our website, we can now show our clients exactly what’s being displayed across our network with HD live streaming of all our digital screens. Clients with login access can view their advertising being displayed, along with others in the same loop, from the comfort of their own office. If they want, they can take their own time-stamped proof of posting screenshots and also see the actual number of ad slots playing to confirm their share of voice. This is an unprecedented level of transparency in the industry”.

LUMO has the sole rights in New Zealand to use US technology which captures the travelling speeds and volumes of traffic for each site, in real-time, to deliver highly accurate screen audience counts. Each camera faces oncoming traffic and ensures that only those that see the screens are counted.

This data-based measurement significantly raises the standard in audience accountability and sets the foundation for enhancements later this year with other rich real-time datasets that may revolutionise the digital media sector.

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