Innovative Infiniti ‘I-View’ Showroom Project

Chris Sheldrake

We quite like this Scala powered Infiniti ‘I-View’ showroom project and POPAI agree as they just awarded it a Gold Prize at the POPAI European Awards 2009 ceremony BUT the important thing to realise, and strangely not something that any of the solutions providers will have told the car manufacturer is that the colour selection is pretty much a waste of time as NOTHING on the LCD / TFT screen will match the actual colour of the car.

inifinitAnyway the Digital Media: Innovative Materials category recognized Scala and Soft Audiovisuel for their work in the auto manufacturer Infiniti’s showrooms throughout Europe (at the same awards event, Infiniti received the Gold award in the “Automobile” category for its showroom vehicle visualization and configuration I-View system)

The I-View project has been deployed in over 15 Infiniti dealer showrooms in Europe since 2008 and there are plans to reach 35 dealers during the rest of 2009.

Philippe Lemaire, Director, Scala France Sales told us “Infiniti’s implementation of digital media through its I-View showroom project represents a unique blend of the best Scala can offer. This project brings together the power and ease of implementation of Scala’s SaaS offering, the extensive project management capabilities of our partner Soft Audiovisuel, the unique interactive and high-quality content design abilities of Scala partner AS Video, Scala’s international project management expertise, and an experienced network of Scala partners throughout Europe to care for installation and maintenance”.

One thing that we particularly liked was that Infiniti has also emphasized the integration of I-View with specially designed furniture for each showroom which, together with ambient sound, provides a unique, high-quality and pleasant shopping experience for its customers.


Soft Audiovisuel is one of the principal Audio/Visual companies in the French market. With a national coverage of 15 agencies and an international network of over 300 collaborators, the Soft group offers 35 years of experience and expertise. Soft specializes in the consulting and implementation of services and audio/visual equipment and broadcast, with activities in France and throughout Europe. On the basis of its strong foundation as an Audio/Visual architect, Soft has developed a particular set of solutions for digital signage.

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