Insight Is NOT An Embargoed Press Release

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Seems that DigSignageToday has been twittering about something they shouldn’t have – naughty boys!!

Let’s just say that sneak peaks, rumour, inside knowledge and hey! even gossip don’t come from embargoed press releases. If you want real insight, knowledge and opinion you know you need look no further than DailyDOOH 🙂

Earlier today we were the first to tell you about Neo Media Group’s new business eyeDooH out of China – that’s raised a lot of interest and a lot of consternation amongst (typically geographically focused) folks who specialise in this market sector (judging by emails and phone calls we have received).

Furthermore we reckon that STRATACACHE have at least THREE really big announcements happening shortly – these are ‘biggies’ and will really upset the apple cart in a number of places. Watch this space.

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