Verizon Media Campaign Planner Tool in DSP

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Earlier this year, Verizon Media made a high-quality DOOH supply available programmatically, they say, we quote “Building on our DOOH offerings through expanded partnerships to give advertisers unparalleled access to large format and place-based DOOH screens from over 60 screen owners with more than 90 different venue types to choose from”,

Supply we believe comes from the likes of Clear Channel, Zoom Media, Captivate, and Lamar.

They’ve now launched a DOOH Campaign Planner tool, making it easier for advertisers to plan and visualize campaigns in their DSP interface. The planning tool enables advertisers to set targeting criteria and view available DOOH screens in a map view to better understand their placement.

Advertisers are also able to measure results through standard digital reporting metrics as well as brand and sales lift studies from DOOH media owners in the Verizon Media DSP.

The announcement said that Verizon Media also offers dynamic creative optimization that selects the optimal creative on the fly depending on real-time context and triggers, i.e they will serve up the right creative based on things like location (for city-specific messaging) or current weather conditions.

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