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#NYDSW ‪#EloIsEverywhere Puma Flagship Store

If you are heading to New York Digital Signage Week [1] there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy your busman’s holiday.


The folks at ELO have told us to check out Puma’s new flagship store on Fifth Avenue in New York

The massive 18,000-square-foot space, spanning two levels, marks Puma’s first bricks-and-mortar location in New York and the first of its kind in North America. It currently has a little more than 100 outlet stores in the U.S., but doesn’t have full-size or full-price locations. Instead, it’s been focused mainly on selling through wholesalers.

The store located on the corner of Fifth Avenue and 49th Street, features basketball items, golf gear, motor-sport merchandise, kids stuff, lifestyle and soccer. There will also be items on sale here that are only available at the New York store.

In a media corner, Elo 24-inch touchscreen tables provide an immersive interactive company experience for visitors.