MediaZest Non-Exec Lifts Stake to 13.9%

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

We guess a vote of confidence in the business and in the digital out of home sector in general, Lance O’Neill, the non-executive chairman of MediaZest has just bought 1,570,000 shares in the business, lifting his stake in the company to 13.9%

LONDON (Thomson Financial) – MediaZest PLC said its non-executive chairman Lance O’Neill bought 1.57 mln shares at 2.375 pence each per share through his pension fund, lifting his stake to about 3.18 mln shares or about 13.9 pct of the issued share capital of the company.

As reported here, MediaZest have upped their marketing 100% since new management took over the business, they are regular whole page advertisers in Marketing, Marketing Week and Design Week (and indeed a very valued banner advertiser on this site also).

Andy Hawkins, MediaZest’s Sales & Marketing Director told us “we are a marketing driven company and feel we have a unique position in the digital out of home market which we try to support through a number of marketing and advertising initiatives, so far the return on our investment in this area has been good”

MediaZest’s deals with well known retail brands and agreements with the likes of 3M and Cisco will serve them well in 2008 and we are expecting big things from them this year.

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