#NYDSW ‪Attendees Can ‘Paws’ For a Four-Legged Cuddle

Russ Curry, Ministry of New Media

If you are attending the DPAA Video Everywhere Summit on Tuesday October 15 during New York Digital Signage Week you can ‘paws’ for a four-legged cuddle thanks to the efforts of PetCareTV (PCTV).

PetCare TV , part of Health Media Network (HMN), are hosting the Paw Print Lounge from 10am-2pm in a private area where guests can relax and play with puppies and therapy dogs.

Therapy dogs from The Good Dog Foundation will visit from 10-noon, followed by play time with PCTV puppies from noon-2.

FYI registration for the DPAA Video Everywhere SummitDPAA Video Everywhere Summit closes Thursday.

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