Programmatic Companies w/ Transparency in Their DNA

Guest Contributor, Nicolette Briscoe

Digital Out of Home is fast becoming the posterchild for Programmatic ad serving. Why? Because unlike digital display, it’s not vulnerable to ad blocking, bots, low click throughs (1-4%) and click fraud. Digital Outdoor can be immediate, it can be highly targeted, and it can still reach a mass audience. Add programmatic and you have a proven audience-led buying model.

Mobilewalla‘s Joanna Georges

Now that DOOH accounts for a more than half (52.3%) of total net Outdoor media revenue in Australia and has grown for nine consecutive years, agencies and brands are pushing for greater transparency and audience insights for their spend.

AdTECH companies have sized-up the opportunity for Programmatic Outdoor and have responded with technology platforms that provide never-before-seen audience data, audience targeting and transparency on media spend.

One such company; Hivestack, has recently bolstered its Australian and New Zealand efforts adding Matthew Bushby to the leadership team. With a rich background in Programmatic Outdoor gained from one of the early adopters in the industry, he takes the helm as Managing Director of Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia under the leadership of Andreas Soupliotis.

Andreas Soupliotis “Hivestack is a marketing technology company that helps brands target custom audiences by programmatically activating digital out-of-home and mobile media.”

At the opening address of the AdTECH: OOH – Sydney conference back in September, Matt Bushby said “currently in the USA $125M out of $8B is spent programmatically on OOH. That’s 1.5%.” Hivestack predict that the opportunity of “1.5% could easily be 30% in three years (approx. $3 Billion USD). Hivestack is disrupting the way traditional out of home is bought. We use rich audience data gleaned from mobile devices to activate a DOOH campaign so that the ad is activated only when the device is in proximity to the sign.”

To put the opportunity in context, Hivestack ran an efficacy test comparing an activated DOOH buy using their ad serving software to a traditional loop-based buy and found a 39% uplift in viewability compared to devices exposed to the same add on a traditional buy.

Hivestack worked with mobile data partners such as relative newcomer to the Australian market Mobilewalla, headed up in Australia and New Zealand by Joanna Georges.

Mobilewalla have access to 20 Million devices in Australia. They are completely platform agnostic and can see device ID behaviour for the past 2 years. Their technology looks for the target audience’s behavioural patterns over an aggregated period.

For example, for a client looking to target soon-to-be mums they may only review 6 months’ worth of historical data. They look for multiple pregnancy app downloads and consecutive months’ worth of activity using these apps. From there they can identify the movement patterns of these device IDs and respond to clients with a proof of concept based on a return of the right customer.

Joanna Georges said “transparency is in our DNA, we are out to prove a return on marketing investment for our clients. We share raw data, segmented data and target audience insights with clients and with companies such as Hivestack, Experian and Roy Morgan helping them to better understand audiences and deliver more powerful digital marketing to the right consumer at the right time.”.

Matt Bushby closed our conversation by telling me “we are so confident in our technology that we are more than comfortable setting measurement as a KPI upfront”.

With promises of hitting measurement based KPIs and mass highly targeted audiences, Ad Tech companies such as Hivestack and Mobilewalla are proving the power of audience-led strategies. There is no doubt, there will be more and more agencies and brands jumping onboard the programmatic bandwagon in 2020. Watch this space.

Nicolette Briscoe is an independent marketing consultant and OOH commentator from Moonshot Marketing, which is a boutique marketing agency helping brands articulate and share their stories.

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