Quotient Technology Inc. Acquires Ubimo

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Quotient Technology Inc. (NYSE: QUOT) today announced that it has agreed to acquire Israel-based Ubimo, a data and media activation company.

Through its demand-side platform (DSP), Ubimo aims to bring best in-class technology to further strengthen Quotient’s targeted digital media solutions, accelerate the development of Quotient’s self-service platform, and meet the evolving needs of consumer-packaged goods (CPGs) brands and retailers.

The acquisition should accelerate Quotient’s product development of a self-service platform, where marketers can plan, buy, and optimise media campaigns directly from an automated platform. Ubimo provides marketers with a DSP, which programmatically manages ad campaigns across publishers through an automated bidding and self-service platform. The platform enables businesses to embed strategic insights into decision-making and improve digital campaign performance.

Steven Boal, CEO and Chairman of the Board, Quotient told us “I am pleased to welcome the Ubimo team to Quotient. This transaction will position Quotient for even stronger performance in the CPG and retail industries we serve. We believe the Ubimo platform will help us accelerate product development of a Quotient self-service platform, one of our strategic objectives.”

Quotient has worked with Ubimo for several years to help deploy targeted media on behalf of CPG customers and retail partners. By incorporating Ubimo into its existing media platform, and layering in Quotient’s exclusive shopper data, Quotient expects to meaningfully improve campaign performance for customers. Additionally, Ubimo will provide a new customer and partner base, including leaders in adjacent markets, such as Out-of-Home.

Ran Ben-Yair, CEO of Ubimo said “We’re excited to be joining the Quotient team. We’ve worked hard to build a leading business that we are confident will be enhanced by becoming a part of the Quotient team. We share a common view of the market, and together, we can drive great results and value for our customers.”

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