UK Q3 #OOH Grew 9.8% Year on Year

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Outsmart, the trade body for the UK Out of Home industry, has announced that Out of Home revenue reported for the quarter July to September 2019 saw the total market grow by +9.8% year-on-year from GBP 300 million in Q3 2018 to GBP 330 million in Q3 2019.

The highlights are: –

  • Digital showed strong growth of 17.1% (compared to +17.2% in Q2 2019)
  • Classic also continued its growth at 2.4% (compared to +2.3% in Q2 2019)
  • Digital % share jumped to 54%, contrasting with 51% seen in Q2 2019
  • Overall, all formats grew, except for 96 sheets. Biggest growth in 6 sheet (GBP 13m, +12.8%) and Other (GBP 12.3m, +8.5%)
  • Overall, all environments grew, with the biggest growth coming from Roadside (GBP 15.5m, +11.0%) and Transport (GBP 7.5m, +6.5%)

The report, conducted by PwC, reveals that Digital Out of Home saw growth of +17.1% in Q3, comparable to Q2 (+17.2%) and stronger than Q1 2019 (+11%). Digital’s share of total Q3 revenue was 54%.

Classic Out of Home also saw growth in Q3 (+2.4%), slightly up on Q2 (+2.3%).

New data released by Route shows the continued investment in digital screens is fuelling reach. Digital Out of Home is now seen by 69% of the adult population each week. The reach of Classic Out of Home has little room to grow, with 98% seeing a poster advertisement each week, a number that has been stable for the past few years.

Justin Cochrane, Chair of Outsmart, said that “These strong results show Out of Home’s mix of digital and classic formats are trusted by advertisers to deliver both efficient planning and massive reach, with fantastic creative opportunities that build brands.”

You can visit the Outsmart website to download a detailed breakdown of OOH revenue figures.

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