MediaCom Automated @SignkickTech Connection

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Signkick announced this week that it has automated the connection between MediaCom and some of the biggest and most adventurous UK media owners

Powered by Signkick’s Trading Bridge software, a live, automated connection has been established between MediaCom’s new trading desk,iDOOH, and Signkick customers including giants Global Outdoor and Clear Channel as well as several independents, including Admedia, City Outdoor and Limited Space.

Arran Javed, MediaCom

This connection is now facilitating fully automated transactions between the agency and all six media owners, bringing new possibilities and efficiencies to each business. Most importantly, however, this new way of trading is helping to entice new and increased budgets from advertisers into the OOH medium.

MediaCom have been ​singing OOH’s praises​ in previous months and automating how they purchase the medium is clearly big on the agenda as they roll out iDOOH internationally.

MediaCom’s Arran Javed told us “We’re excited to be leading the charge towards open, connected and scalable automated trading that will lay the foundations for new and exciting developments in OOH. Connecting different systems together has been the sticking point for so many companies working towards automated trading of OOH. It’s great to finally have a way to do that fast and at scale. Our connection with Signkick has been integral to the speed and success of iDOOH’s UK launch.”

  • For top tier media owners Clear Channel and Global, Signkick provides the final piece in the automated trading puzzle: a stable and scalable connection to iDooh from their existing systems.
  • For smaller independents such as City Outdoor, Signkick Trading Bridge’s Connectivity+ module, has fast-tracked their progress towards automated trading. As well as the live connection, Connectivity+ gives them a user-friendly online interface for managing automated bookings and placing manual ones.
  • For Signkick, this is just the first, albeit exciting, step towards a more connected OOH ecosystem that makes it easier and more efficient to purchase OOH advertising. Something that the industry has recognised time and time again as a key stepping stone to future growth.

Signkick’s Co-Founder and CEO Tobias van Amstel told us “By connecting and facilitating automated trading between MediaCom’s iDOOH and Clear Channel, Global, City Outdoor, Admedia and Limited Space, we’ve taken an exciting step towards the Open OOH era. An era where transactions between each unique player in the OOH ecosystem are seamlessly automated and connected. This will help create a unified experience for buyers and a scalable product as OOH buying and selling becomes increasingly sophisticated.”

MediaCom’s Arran Javad spoke about iDOOH last week at AdTECH:OOH – Amsterdam.

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