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#AdTECH @Hivestack Big In Japan

Following on from last week’s announcement that Japanese-based LIVE BOARD had partnered with Hivestack Inc [1]., comes the news that they (Hivestack) have also been named a primary DSP partner to the NTT DOCOMO, INC. and Dentsu Inc. joint venture.

Hivestack [2]’s technology is powering LIVE BOARD’s SSP/Exchange, Ad Server and DSP. LIVE BOARD have now signed on four primary DSP partners. These DSP partners are integrating into the LIVE BOARD SSP to bring their own unique demand. The Hivestack DSP is one of these four named primary DSP partners. This means that agencies and buyers who use the Hivestack DSP (for example, even those in Canada, US, Australia and UK) can now buy programmatic DOOH inventory in Japan, thus enabling cross-country buys!

We understand that many Hivestack DSP buyers have been asking how they can buy DOOH in Japan from overseas programmatically, and this is now possible today as the integration between the Hivestack DSP and the LIVE BOARD SSP is complete and live.

Cross-country programmatic buying is becoming increasingly relevant to global trading desks. As an example, a U.S. advertiser or brand may wish to leverage DOOH opportunities in Japan to market their products to Japanese consumers or communicate to U.S. customers while they visit Japan for special events. The advertiser’s US trading desk / agency can use the Hivestack DSP to programmatically buy DOOH inventory and audiences in Japan.

Ichiro Jinnai, CEO and President of LIVE BOARD told us “From day one, we have always envisioned LIVE BOARD as a Japanese programmatic DOOH marketplace designed to be accessible from global buyers. With the Hivestack DSP connected to the LIVE BOARD SSP/Exchange, we are excited to see future programmatic, international DOOH buys originate outside of Japan that target Japanese inventory.”

Hivestack’s DSP operates in Canada, US, UK and Australia.