#ISE2020 Netipbox Technologies, Hall 15-H230

Andrew Neale

At #ISE2020 Netipbox Technologies debutant will present Nsign.tv, its SaaS all-in-one smart DS platform in Hall 15, booth H230.

Netipbox will present Nsign.tv, an intelligent and intuitive SaaS platform that allows users to store, organise, select, program and display digital content on any screen. It is also described as a powerful all-in-one hub from which to control any other management system.

It is offered in three versions (Basic, Business, and Enterprise) and is easily combined and integrated with IOT devices (footfall, face recognition cameras, RFID / barcode scanning, etc.), Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to impact and interact with different audiences while collecting data for later analysis with BI (Business Intelligence) tools and dashboards.

The Enterprise version includes the Nqueue module, the new queue management system to control and optimize customer flows.

In Amsterdam the company will also present its plug & play Nbox player, which easily connects to any screen and instantly reproduces the content scheduled on the platform, transforming any digital media (screen, totem, kiosk, LED, etc.) in a window that communicates with different audiences. The Nbox player comes with the Basic version of the Nsign.tv platform, the gateway to the digital transformation for any type of business, with a cost reduction of up to 40% compared to other technologies.

Toni Viñals, CEO of Netipbox Technologies told us “At ISE 2020 we are going to show how our solutions help brands to impact and interact with different audiences to drive customer behavior, boost engagement and increase profitability of their premises. According to our claim, we want our clients to focus just on their audiences, so we take care of everything else.”

With headquarters in Barcelona and offices in Madrid and Miami, Netipbox Technologies manages more than 12,000 screens in over 15 countries around the world, and has more than 150 reference clients such as Coca-Cola European Partners, Ikea, Areas, Filmax Cinemas, PwC, Nespresso, PortAventura, Aldi, and Domino’s Pizza, among many others.

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