#ISE2020 Great @AVIXA Flashtracks

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

FlashTracks are 20 minute bitesize education sessions, set to take place during #ISE2020 on stand 13-N110 near Entrance C.

The sessions follow four different tracks; User Experience, AV/IT, Design and Emerging Trends. This is a clever idea and much needed to help experts freely share their knowledge with others but as always, there has to be one poorly curated session that slips through, whatever AVIXA puts in place to moderate the submission process.

Airtame, Co-founder & Co-CEO Brian Kyed whose background includes being co-founder of Denmark’s leading high-end mobile cocktail bar, co-founder of a film and animation agency and co-founder of hardware solution, digital signage wannabee, airtame has managed to successfully convince the organisers to allow him to pitch a session on the ‘AV Design Paradox’ despite the absence of any AV or design experience.

The abstract says “A lot of digital experiences are designed to be sticky, engaging, and inspiring. However, often times the success of an AV experience is for the audience to not know what’s going on behind the scene. The less they experience the AV, the better the experience is. How do we design great AV products to be both invisible and present at the same time? How do you make a design strategy around products with no interface?”.

Trust me, this is just one of those tacky CEO sales pitches disguised as ‘imparting knowledge’. I think you will find 100’s AV and content agency people with real world experience of this subject matter who would be better placed to present – not the CEO of a hardware company vaguely selling product in this space.

Anyhow the rest of the flashtracks delve into some real techie IT and AV areas and are well worth a look at (click here for full list).

Delegates require an AVIXA basic membership to attend. Proof of membership can be shown on the show floor by downloading the new AVIXA app, and logging in.

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