OUTFRONT Media Canada In @Hivestack Partnership

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

In early 2019, OUTFRONT Canada officially launched its first foray into the digital outdoor programmatic universe through its partnership with Hivestack.

In an announcement earlier today, Andreas Soupliotis, Founder & CEO, Hivestack stated “From day one, OUTFRONT Canada has shown great leadership in their approach to how they think about audiences and measurement. Driven by their deep desire to deliver audience-based campaigns, programmatic activation of their inventory is now an integral part of their offering to Canadian marketers. Thanks to a great partnership and many collaborative iterations, programmatic digital out-of-home has matured to a point where buyers are able to target custom audiences and attribute business outcomes at all stages of the funnel. OUTFRONT Canada has been leading the charge on programmatic digital out-of-home, and they are just getting started.”

OUTFRONT Canada has been using Hivestack’s supply-side advertising technology since January 2019. The technology includes capabilities such as a publisher ad server, a supply-side platform to connect to programmatic demand channels, a custom audience designer and measurement capabilities that leverage privacy-first mobile location data. =

OUTFRONT Canada’s CEO Michele Erskine told us “Digital Outdoor screens in their first iteration were sold as revolving loops of ads. We weren’t tapping their true potential. These screens deliver massive impressions with huge impact and can also be highly targeted, data driven and flexible with the right tools. The emergence of Outdoor programmatic platforms is taking us to another level and opening up our inventory to new buyers. Our relationship with Hivestack was a critical first step and a true partnership. The learning on both sides was invaluable and we look forward to continuing this journey.”

These past 12 months have seen Outfront Media Canada show great courage in really taking on programmatic and AdTECH. We will be exploring all of this and more at our AdTECH: OOH – Toronto Conference which will take place on June 2, 2020.

The event will be chaired by Outfront Media’s Stephanie Gutnik. Confirmed speakers include Hivestack’s founder and CEO Andreas Soupliotis, Kinetic Canada CEO Kevin McDonald and Broadsign’s Vice President, Programmatic Sales Operations Edith Gagne.

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