Scala EMEA Reappoints Imperative Group

Chris Sheldrake

Chris Heap’s Imperative Group has done a hell of a lot to increase the quality, transparency and frequency of Scala’s ‘market outreach’ – especially in improving their sometimes (previous) woeful attempts at PR.

We are pleased to announce that the Imperative Group (Imperative), an independent digital out of home development & communications agency, has been reappointed to provide public relations and press services to Scala across the EMEA region. Scala is the leading provider of end-to-end digital signage & advertising management solutions and services.

With the global Digital Out Of Home marketplace rapidly evolving in terms of its appreciating value as a communications medium and in terms of the frequency by which new products and services are being introduced, Scala recognised that as part of a package of measures designed to maintain its market leading position, Scala needed to ensure its messages and those of its partners reached specifiers and decision makers effectively and regularly.

Scala, who has been at the forefront of developing Digital Signage solutions for over 20 years, has a long track record of innovation and working with Imperative, agreed on a programme to jointly develop a marketing communications and PR approach that placed Scala’s partners and clients at the heart of the message, where the substance and value of the offerings could be evidenced by the physical networks created by its partners.

Over the last six months, Imperative has worked closely with Scala’s Certified Partners to identify, develop and deliver press and marketing messages that are feature and value rich, based on real examples of cutting edge deployments across a number of countries and sectors. To date this year, this approach has created front page news in the marketing press for key partners including Monopoly Media in Romania; The Life Channel, Pixel Inspiration and Alphameric in the UK; Dismart in Russia; AS Video in Spain, Hulskamp & Troades in The Netherlands and DDS Poland to name but a few.

These digital signage network initiatives range from metro stations & airports to supermarkets, retail outlets, banks, betting shops, malls & doctors surgeries across the European continent and across many different marketing applications that Scala can power, be that screen media, interactivity, aroma and lighting.

Oscar Elizaga, VP EMEA, Scala told us “Our partners are not just our customers, they are the people who help us improve and innovate our products and services to better match our end-users’ needs. By providing Imperative with a mandate to work closely with our partners, we’ve been able to generate excellent PR for all parties and in doing so have also been able to develop our partner relationships and share some of the most innovative and successful digital Out Of Home deployments across Europe back to the marketplace. I’m delighted with the effect this has had to date and look forward to building on this success in the coming months”

Seriously, we have seen a marked improvement in the way Scala deals with us (and others in EMEA) the ‘world’ since the Imperative Group has been involved and let’s hope it continues.

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