Taco Bell ‘Fast Social’ Test Conversions

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

With news that some (or is it all) McDonalds restaurants have become take-out or drive-thru only, with no one allowed to sit in the restaurant to eat at the moment due to #COVID19 concerns, this may not be the best time for Taco Bell to start ‘test converting’ some of its locations into what the brand has described as ‘fast social’ restaurants.

A press release said that this follows the brand’s 2015 redesign program that has given us more than 60 ‘urban in-line’ restaurants and 30 ‘cantinas’ that also serve alcohol.

These new ‘fast social’ test restaurants are aimed at building Taco Bell locations as places to meet and have fun, they also aim to use technology to make them places that embrace the social aspect of dining at the QSR.

Taco Bell President and Global COO Mike Grams said “By tapping into cultural insights, we’ve learned that our customers want to engage with the brand in a way that amplifies their social nature. We are once again pushing the boundaries of the traditional QSR dining experience by setting the stage for our ‘fast-social’ restaurants, which introduce dynamic dining rooms and lean into social gatherings.”

We believe that a Times Square location should be open this fall, in time for New York Digital Signage Week (Oct 12-16, 2020).

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