Live on YouTube Today; The Check In: Retail Chat

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Phil Lenger is hosting, what he describes as “a rather impromptu, LIGHT Youtube Live Stream tailored around the Retail Industry. There will be a broad variety of topics, a chat about the current retail news, some tech but not too much, experiences, and future opportunities”.

Todays live chat friends are; Manolo Almagro, Bryan Meszaros, Sonal Patel and others.

This should be a good live stream, as there is an awful lot of retail, creative and tech expertise on-hand.

Next week, Phil also tells us that they will be trying a ‘call-in’ feature as well, so maybe our readers will be inspired to join in then as well.

It’s live today here and starts at 12 noon ET / 16:00 GMT

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