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Kerala Based JK Ads Choose ‪@Edge1Official‬

Edge1, an India-based outdoor advertising ERP software company announced this week that JK Ads, Kerala, India has started deploying their solution.

JK Ads offer quality outdoor advertising media spaces and they own more than 300 outdoor media faces across Kerala.

Upinder Singh, Project Director of Edge1, said “Our new customer win with JK Ads further demonstrates our position as the market leader in providing outdoor advertising operational analytics, campaign management and business intelligence solutions to outdoor advertising media companies that depend on them. We set the standard for ease and speed of deployment, ease of use, functional depth, end-user adoption, cost-effectiveness in both initial acquisition and ownership over time, and overall ROI. Edge1 delivers on the promise of business intelligence. We are extremely pleased that JK Ads, a leader in traditional out-of-home media in Kerala, has selected Edge1’s platform.”

JK Ads is now using Edge1’s enterprise resource planning platform for sales proposal generation, real-time availability, media planning, media buying, inventory management, media monitoring, billing, and landlord automation.