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#MyHeroes @KineticwwUK Initiative Launches Today

Kinetic and DOOH.com have partnered with a number of UK OOH media owners with this tweet #MyHeroes initiative which aims to deliver individual messages of gratitude to selected key workers on digital screens across the UK.


Ali MacCallum, CEO of Kinetic UK said “The #MyHeroes campaign is another brilliant demonstration of the OOH industry coming together to deliver a public message of support for key workers. OOH’s ability to amplify social media content in public in real-time, while at the same time generating striking dynamic visual content for social sharing, is something unique to OOH as a channel.”

We all know that there has never been a more important time to name and celebrate the selfless people in our lives. Today April 9, 2020, a nationwide campaign has launched to show support to our heroes – the Key Workers who are keeping the nation running – by taking stories praising individuals and placing them on digital screens across the nation.

The #MyHeroes campaign’s purpose is to show our collective gratitude to those who are going out every day to save lives, protect our health, and ensure essential supplies and services continue.

The campaign will highlight the beauty of connectivity, at a time where physical human connection is limited; showcasing powerful messages of love and thanks for Key Workers; from Farmers to NHS workers, to Teachers, Pharmacists and Delivery Drivers. The time is now to name the people in your life who you feel you need to show your respect, and appreciation to, and through the #MyHeroes campaign, all you need to do is tweet those words.

#MyHeroes marries social media to digital OOH, making sure that the people who most need to see, and send these messages, will be able to do so: tweets will appear on digital screens across the nation. An illustration of the digital screen, and how the message has appeared, will then be sent to the person so they can share their support further through social media, and – most importantly – show their hero their appreciation.

At a time when many are looking to show their appreciation to the heroes in our lives, the #MyHeroes campaign gives people the opportunity to use the public nature of OOH to support those local heroes making a difference. The campaign is also being run in Ireland.

Andrew Phipps-Newman, CEO of DOOH.com told us “When the key workers across the U.K. are on their way to and from work, and when the general public are travelling on their essential journeys, we dearly want everyone to see and experience the support for those in our lives who are having to carry on in the toughest of circumstances so that we can stay home, and we can all be safe. Twinning external billboard messages with social media means that everybody can be involved in these messages of love. This is, in its entirety, literally and figuratively a social media campaign for the people, created with love, collaboratively from some of the global leaders in media. It is our responsibility as an industry to give a platform for our heroes. This campaign, and our time, is being contributed by DOOH.com to the out of home industry; turning outdoor media into a community service channel.”

So far this campaign is supported by Boomerang Media, Clear Channel UK, DOOH.com, Hi! Street Digital Media, Kinetic UK, Ocean Outdoor and Open Media.