Liquid Digital Gets Creative

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief


Liquid Digital were the people behind Cabvision’s new look and feel, basically creating a brand new interface, allowing passengers to browse through six channels of content, including the new ‘what’s on in London’ guide.

Liquid’s creative manager, Lloyd Harrison believes the new brand enhances the experience for the Cabvision viewer and told us “When we started the re-brand process we looked at ways to bring the Cabvision look and feel right up to date. This new interface is much slicker than before, and is much more straightforward to use. It’s aimed squarely at the tech-savvy Cabvision demographic. Since Cabvision launched, the World of interactive TV has moved on a great deal and our thinking reflects that”

We are told that there’s a whole host of new comedy clips for passengers to enjoy – so much so, that they have broken it down with a different comedy theme appearing on the channel each day.

Simon Edwards, Managing Director, Liquid Digital told us exclusively “I’m very pleased with the way our creative guys tackled this project. We have a young, but experienced, team here and they certainly did their research when working on this new branding. The results are perfect for pushing the Cabvision brand out their to the 1.4 million viewers it gets each month”.

Many people know Liquid Digital, more for their hardware / technical side of things (MEI Digital heritage) than their creativity and content and he added “After a year and a half since we started Liquid, and a gradual repositioning of our team’s skills in favour of the creative and software development sides of things we are starting to see a lot of new work come in and a lot of interest in the great content that we are producing”

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