OMANZ #OOH Traffic Volume Report

Tristan Cotterill

The Outdoor Media Association (OMANZ) has launched a new traffic report, detailing the impact of the Covid-19 alert stages on traffic flow across the main Mets of New Zealand.

The data for this report is sourced from NZTA and Auckland Transport, as it is critical to OMANZ and its members, that this data is the most accurate and comprehensive view possible and from a trusted source.

Data from these two sources has been blended to provide insight and a representative snapshot of the weekly travel behaviour of New Zealanders as we transition through the Covid-19 alert stages.

The data shows that Auckland has been impacted less in Level 4 as this has captured the local suburban traffic activity across the 36 locations. In comparison the national traffic volumes, as presented in the NZTA data, shows a greater drop as these cameras are located on motorways and key arterial roads which were prohibited to vehicles other than used by essential services during level 4 lockdown.

As New Zealand moves through the alert levels, OMANZ and its members will be studying the impact this has on traffic levels and publishing that information to advertisers and agencies via its weekly Traffic Report.

For the full traffic volume report click here.

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