Interaction Care Solution Launched by @beabloo

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Retail tech company Beabloo has launched Interaction Care, a technology solution designed to guarantee compliance with safety measures, including social distancing, body temperature, and traffic in enclosed physical spaces.

It is hoped that it will at first, be implemented in essential businesses, such as banks, pharmacies, and supermarkets. However, implementation in the retail and public sectors will be possible once countries begin easing up confinement measures.

Interaction care is a technology solution that gives businesses and other physical spaces control over the occupancy and distribution of customers to keep people safe. In turn, customers and visitors feel more at ease knowing they are in a space that complies with official guidelines. This product is potentially suitable for installation in factories and offices, which could make it easier for people to return to work with more peace of mind.

Beabloo is a Spanish company with an international presence in over 20 countries and they plan to market this solution globally.

Jaume Portell, CEO and cofounder of Beabloo told us “Our main motivation when designing this new solution was to help our clients protect their customers and employees during this unprecedented situation. We present Interaction Care as an integrated solution that uses tried-and-tested technologies to minimize the risk of contagion in any public space”.

At its heart, Interaction Care is an integrated system with digital signage, thermal cameras, people counting sensors, and Beabloo’s content management system (to coordinate messages that appear on the screens). This collection of technologies measures different KPIs that detect interactions in real time both inside and outside the physical space. All data is collected based on established privacy standards.

Outside the business, a screen can allow entry based on the occupancy density and the flow of people in and out of the space. It can also measure the body temperature of anyone who enters, and prioritize entry for people in at-risk groups.

Inside the space, Interaction Care identifies high-risk zones and displays messages to remind people of security measures on screens. It also provides interaction data to managers so they can see which zones receive the most traffic to focus sanitation efforts on those areas.

This technology provides many advantages to businesses. In addition to protecting visitors from contagion, this solution also helps employees minimize their exposure to high-risk areas, generates objective data on the impact of management decisions, and measures the risk level of different zones in real time.

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