Danoo / IdeaCast Again…

Guest Contributor, Bill Collins, DecisionPoint Media Insights

Bill Collins from DecisionPoint Media Insights writes once again on the Danoo / IdeaCast deal…

Thanks for posting ‘It’s Good For Danoo‘ on Friday – a helpful piece summing-up up the recent blog postings on the Danoo-NCM-IdeaCast deal.

Yes, we blogger types have been writing about this deal quite a bit lately. But, I think it’s worth all this attention because there is a lot for the Digital out-of-home industry (especially in North America) to learn here. Here are some more thoughts: –

  • Thanks, Adrian, for providing more detail about what has been happening recently at IdeaCast. This timeline and background helps to explain even more why IdeaCast and NCM needed to make a move.
  • Manolo Almagro’s previous DailyDOOH post, which you cited – ‘Is Danoo the Next Generation of DOOH Networks‘ – explains why Danoo’s approach to content localization, user-contributed content and transnational collaboration on content (content-production staff working and collaborating from both sides of the Pacific) is so innovative. It’s important to note here that Manolo Almagro is not just another blogger with an opinion. Manolo’s work experience in this DOOH media sector going back 12 years has provided him with an intimate knowledge of both the technology of DOOH and the challenges of content production for this medium. Plus, Manolo is one of our industry’s most savvy advocates of transnational collaboration on content. If you don’t know Manolo’s impressive background, I would suggest that you take a look at his LinkedIn biography
  • Captivate Network, the ad-based DOOH network that targets business professionals in their places of work, also does an excellent job with content localization. There’s a lot about Captivate that reminds me of Danoo. Both were started with significant VC money by tech-minded people working in high tech centers of the USA (Danoo in the Silicon Valley/San Francisco Bay region and Captivate in the Eastern Massachusetts /Southern New Hampshire region). Both have a history of transitioning (Danoo at an earlier stage of this transition, Captivate in a later stage in the transition) from a tech orientation to more to a media-sales orientation. Also, both companies are industry leaders. Danoo leads in the ways discussed in these recent articles and Captivate (its CEO, Mike DiFranza, in particular) showed very strong leadership in launching the Out-of-Home Video Advertising Bureau (OVAB) in 2006 and 2007.
  • Just as Captivate and Danoo are proven leaders, National CineMedia has led in many ways that these recent articles have outlined. Their new www.ncm.com consumer portal is one of the most attractive consumer-oriented sites that any media company has put together. And, they – like Captivate at OVAB – took the bull by the horns to create the Cinema Advertising Council (CAC). Plus, they are selling advertising now at the rate of more than $US 200 million per year.
  • Across the board with this National CineMedia/Danoo/IdeaCast deal, we see industry leaders clearly acting like industry leaders. This adds up to a positive sum that we need to recognize and learn from.

It is a game-changer. And yes, I would call it a watershed event. This helps all of us, not just the people involved in this particular deal.

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