Amscreen Denies Rumours

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Amscreen has strenuously denied rumours that this year’s Apprentice winner has left the company. Late last week and again over the weekend (you really do need to go to the right sort of parties you know) there were rumours that the lovely Yasmina Siadatan MAY have already left Amscreen, months officially after joining.

Absolutely NOT so, says David Fraser from Frank PR who emailed us on Amscreen’s behalf, we quote “I write in reference to yesterday’s piece that Yasmina Siadatan has left the company. This is completely unfounded and entirely untrue – Yasmina has been with the company a month or so and is doing well”

The email would have been fine if they’d left it at that point but they then went on to say that they were disappointed we published stories from unreliable sources (err, how do they know our sources are unreliable?) AND that we never checked the story (true we didn’t) but we published a rumour and the rumour is a rumour (i.e. it’s ‘out there’) even if it’s not true.

What really made us laugh was the line “It has been suggested by others within the industry that your negative reporting of Amscreen stories is due to the fact that the company is not an advertiser with DailyDOOH” – blimey if that was the case we would never write anything nice about anyone !!!!! (having only about a dozen advertisers that are always RELIGIOUSLY documented here)

By the way we have never approached Amscreen as a potential advertiser.

Oh yes and the icing on the cake is the threat of Lord Sugar’s lawyers, we quote “we have provided you with the facts so that you publish a correction to the story without delay or we will consult our lawyers on this matter”

That’s our first ever legal threat in two years. God knows why it took so long?

6 Responses to “Amscreen Denies Rumours”

  1. Pundit Says:

    Maybe the touch of glamour she brought didn’t fit in with the image of screens in a tin boxes 😉

  2. Vic Twenty Says:

    Sir Alan will sue you now.

  3. Phil Austin Says:

    Can Media has never spent a penny with DOOH and yet you have never published anything negative about The Life Channel.

    Phil Austin

  4. geof Jones Says:

    Lord/Sir Alan is going to set up a new reality show called “the Apprehensive”

    where candidates are all employed by Sir Alan and one by one they get a P45 when they have their reality check moment …

    What i don’t get is the job was selling the AMSCREEN Brick in to healthcare – which they install FOC and use an agency to sell the adversiting – Hmmmm – whats the job again ?

    still hats off to Sir Alan – the BP install is better than many other out there – a bit of a vinyl wrap wouldn’t go a miss.

    although a big case of friends in high places …

    Im not one to diss the competition, but Sir Alan can and will get it right – thats what money can do…

    who knows, I might sell my soul to the devil and work with them oneday 🙂

  5. Deon Says:

    Stand your ground, lads! Good job

  6. interested of Ealing Says:

    Maybe it is the balance of the great and the bad in a day !!, great example of how to create signage, Pixel Inspiration and NEC screens in Coffee Republic, then Amscreen and BP .. need we say more

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