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MOTIO Wins Caltex In-Store Screen Media Network

XTD (ASX:XTD)’s recently launched subsidiary MOTIO has been awarded the exclusive five-year media sales rights to the Caltex in-store digital screen network

This network is operated by Engagis Pty Ltd. Leon Condon, CEO of Engagis said: “The team at MOTIO has an impressive track record in media sales, combined with Engagis’s tier 1 digital infrastructure capability is a compelling value proposition. In this challenging time for Australia, these locations are becoming significantly more relevant with convenience shopping a strong focal point for brands”.

The Caltex network comprises over 500 petro-convenience locations across metropolitan and regional Australia and is fully operational with over 1,000 digital displays in-store and point of purchase ‘pinch points’ making it the most compelling and widely scaled on-the-go convenience offerings in the Australian market.

We understand that operations began in May with the MOTIO Play (Indoor Sport & Leisure locations) and MOTIO Health (recently acquired Medical Centres) networks being joined by the Caltex Network to be known as MOTIO Go.

XTD CEO Adam Cadwallader told us “The full motion, high definition network, with displays positioned in the most viewable locations offer brands the opportunity to communicate at the moment of maximum influence in a perfect intersection of time, place and intent. This, combined with anonymised customer data, enables MOTIO to offer tactical, audience-based campaigns that match true consumer behaviour”.

This new contract win is an important milestone for MOTIO, which was launched by XTD earlier this year [1].