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Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Intersection recently launched their first-ever creative campaign, called ‘Go There’.

It aims to celebrate our return to the places we’ve missed, with new appreciation and asks people to share these ‘first’ moments with all of us; the first haircut, the first dinner at a favourite restaurant, or the first trip to the beach with family.

Contributors are encouraged to use the hashtag #GoThere on social media and tagging their favorite places. As people make their way to these places again, Intersection wants to help advertisers place messaging in some of the greatest cities in the country, and be there as city streets reawaken.

At the same time, Intersection tell us that they will also encourage brands to “Go There’ with their campaigns, thinking bigger, better and doing something never done before.
Esther Raphael, Intersections’s SVP of Sales & Product Marketing, wrote on their blog (kindly reproduced with permission below)

Let’s go there! Where? Anywhere, everywhere.
The past few months have been challenging for us all. Nearly everyone in the world has spent time in isolation — missing their family, friends, and all the things they took for granted before the pandemic. The words “Go There” took on a new meaning for each of us.

As cities and states begin to reopen, we know people are returning to the places they’ve missed with new appreciation. Our new brand campaign, “Go There” celebrates these moments, made possible by the small businesses and local destinations that make our neighborhood streets come to life and our cities more vibrant. And as people make their way to these places once again, we want to help take brands back to where the culture and communities are reawakening.

There’s a seemingly endless list of every place we’ve vowed not to take for granted again. Places that were routine, and now seem like luxury — a fresh cut at the hair salon, a delicious meal at a neighborhood restaurant, or the promise of adventure on an airplane.

These are the feelings of excitement that inspired us to launch our first-ever creative campaign, “Go There.” We invite you to participate in the launch of this campaign by sharing milestone moments, of places you are excited to return to, and the places you’re going to in real-time. Tag your special place in your photos, use the hashtag #GoThere (and make sure to tag us too @Intersection_co).

We can’t wait to share these moments with you. Be sure to check out our Instagram page as we share more #GoThere moments from Intersection and our extended community of clients and partners across the country.

Rejoice in the everyday.
Take in your surroundings.
Explore the world.

Go There!

Do check out Instagram and remember to look for #GoThere.

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