Posterscope South Africa Grows Digital Footprint

Chris Sheldrake

Only the other day we were asked by a vendor what we knew about the South African market – we sent through what research we had but to be honest it wasn’t that much.

We know that CAN Media have big plans there (and there are rumours of them having hired some local heavy hitters to sit on their board) and of course a month or so ago raised GBP 5 million working capital, ostensibly for use in SA.

Cinemark also have done a lot BUT what with the 2010 Soccer World Cup looming on the horizon it’s obviously a place that will get a lot more attention over the next 12 months.

Anyway it seems that Posterscope South Africa’s growth in Digital Out of Home has been staggering!

Posterscope tell us that between 2007 and 2008 they grew their DOOH footrpint from 2,6% to 7,8%.

They told us “this growth in DOOH market share is one that signals a change from a purely traditional OOH standpoint to one that is exploring further into the rapidly growing digital market”

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  1. Keith Kelsen Says:

    MediaTile has been doing business in Africa for over 2 years now. MediaTile Africa (Tactile has won a number of contracts including Eskom Power SA Power Company and Incredible Connections, the largest CE Retailer. With offices in Jo Berg, Cape Town and Nairobi. It is a growing market. Contact Mauro Mercuri +27 21 551 2992
    -Keith Kelsen

  2. Peter Robson Says:

    Digital media networks have really taken off in Southern Africa and there has been significant growth in the last 18 months. Mediacaster ( was developed locally to service this growing market and we now have many government, retail and corporate clients in South Africa, Kenya and Angola. We also supply resellers and VARs in Europe, Australasia and the Americas who are looking for a reliable and cost-effective solution. Contact Peter Robson +27 21 4686045 for more information.

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