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COVIDSitters & @PatientPoint Team Up 4 Healthcare Heroes

PatientPoint [1] and COVIDSitters are teaming up to promote free childcare, eldercare and other household services for #COVID19 frontline workers to nearly 30,000 healthcare providers nationwide. Through the new collaboration, PatientPoint will promote COVIDSitters via the PatientPoint Access back-office care team communication program in physician offices nationwide.

PatientPoint EVP of Content & Creative Kate Merz told us “Our heroes are the doctors, nurses and countless medical, administrative and facilities personnel who support them, and we are committed to leveraging our engagement solutions however we can to lend a hand during these unprecedented times. We’re grateful for services like COVIDSitters and are proud to be joining forces to give back to our healthcare heroes.”

COVIDSitters pairs frontline healthcare workers with healthcare students willing to provide free assistance with childcare, eldercare, pet sitting or other basic needs that are uniquely challenging to COVID-19. What began as a local initiative with one medical student in March 2020 quickly expanded into regional initiatives across the country.

Leading medical apparel brand MEDELITA hosts the national COVIDSitters hub, which connects frontline workers and healthcare students via regional COVIDSitters networks across the country.

MEDELITA founder Lara Francisco, PA-C said “COVID-19 has forced implausible complexities upon those working in frontline specialties and at the same time has left students searching for ways to help in their respective future medical fields. We’re so pleased to meet the needs of both current and future medical professionals through this innovative program and are grateful to PatientPoint for helping us spread the word to even more healthcare providers nationwide.”

COVIDSitters information featured on PatientPoint® Access™ complements a robust library of breaking clinical news and COVID-19 education from the leader in patient and provider education and engagement solutions.