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Massiv TV, South Africa

“Bringing digital to taxi’s” is the way that our new friends at Posterscope South Africa described this network to us.

massiv tvWe are told that Massiv TV has spent more than four years, we quote “at great expense, with masses of passion and effort to develop an out of home television platform that will engage commuters in an entertaining and captivating way”

The proposition to the Taxi industry is nothing that hasn’t been done or tried before but is worth repeating: –

Posterscope went on to say “With a captive audience, Massiv TV will be a great platform for clients to showcase their brands in a controlled environment when their message can be taken in by the consumer. Massiv TV is able to deliver the most effective way to communicate to the commuter in a way that will be received positively, respectfully while at the same time entertaining to the viewer.Not only will advertisers benefit tremendously from this platform but will have the piece of mind that their investment is secure and accounted for”