Glaceau Interactive Conga @ Piccadilly Circus

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

This was an extension of the Transvision screen campaign created by Posterscope / Hyperspace which we didn’t manage to catch but here we see it running in London’s famous Piccadilly Circus

Glaceau Vitamin Water made some ‘cool kids’ do the Conga but they could probably have made them do anything…

Look carefully at the LED and you can see it interacting with the crowd below, it says…

“hey you cool kids
yeah! all of you with your rucksacks on
on your feet!
line up!
great now lets see the conga”

This was unstaged we believe, the footage was caught on camera by Coke employees after only an hour of the campaign going live!! Very clever, we like.

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  1. Questionmark Says:

    Much better, can now actually watch!

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