iGotcha Media Introduces Health and Wellness System

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

iGotcha Media, a fully-integrated brand experience firm that specializes in emotionally captivating consumers, last week launched its all-new ‘Health and Wellness System’.

Greg Adelstein, President, iGotcha Media told us “The Covid-19 pandemic has caused a boom in online shopping, but research shows that almost 90% of consumers still want the in-person retail experience. We expect our new system to help consumers get what they want. The ‘new normal’ may be different but we believe that we can protect consumers and employees while offering brands and retailers new promotional platforms. A safe and secure partial return to normalcy would contribute to overall economic growth, satisfy pent-up consumer demand and provide innovative platforms to better connect with existing and prospective customers.”

This system creates a safe and secure retail environment – a ‘safety zone’ that may extend from the parking lot to the stock room. Modular applications include:

Drive-in Pickup Kiosks
Curbside Apps
Dynamic Digital Signage
Customer Queue Apps
People Counters
Hand Sanitizer Kiosks
Thermal Detection
Digital Traffic Signs
Occupancy Sensors
Queue Management
Antimicrobial Touch Interfaces
Sanitization Robots

All applications generate real-time data that demonstrates safety and compliance with regulatory standards.

The Health and Wellness System also offers dynamic interactive digital signage solutions that provide a platform for engaging with consumers by offering promotions, special offers and product information. The objective is to rebuild the connection between brands/retailers and consumers by telling powerful stories that create real human connections in an era of infinite choice, eroded consumer loyalty and low attention spans. iGotcha Media’s integrated brand experiences are impactful and memorable, converting passive consumers into experiential partners.

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