HaaS for Zoom Rooms From @Starin_Mkg

Andrew Neale

Starin, who introduced AV-as-a-Service (AVaaS) programs for its channel partners in 2018, has announced a new and streamlined Hardware-as-a-Service (HaaS) program designed specifically to quickly meet the market demand centred around ZOOM.

Addressing the demand with simple on-boarding, allows Starin’s channel partners to easily add pure AVaaS offerings to their portfolio, removing cash flow restraints and complications for themselves as well as their clients.

Bobby Swartz, President of Starin said “In the current market uncertainty, preserving cash while optimizing communication is key for all businesses. With our global footprint and our ongoing focus on complete Zoom Solutions for our channel, we have crafted and perfected AVaaS in a way that meets the demands of a changing economic environment. This program makes it easy for our partners to capitalize and broaden their offering with a Win/Win proposal.”

Select partners are able to begin taking advantage of this program immediately.

Malissa Dillman, Director of Market Development at Starin told us “HaaS goes beyond just getting hardware as a rental. It is about the confidence, the support, and complete experience for all parties involved. We have worked to encompass all of these aspects, and build bridges that will allow continued advancement and ease of access for all who are looking to enhance their business needs.”

The As-a-Service program is ideal for organizations that do not want to own their technology solutions. Allowing them to preserve cash flow so they can use their capital revenue for generating business activities, while allowing the resellers and integrators to keep business continuity and structure.

Inquiries to join the HaaS structure at Starin are open, and ready to begin.

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