Basic Fit’s Virtual Fitness Experience w/ @ScalaInc

Andrew Neale

Scala is helping drive the expansion of Basic-Fit, the largest budget fitness club chain in Europe, by creating and powering a ‘Virtual Fitness Experience’ in more than 800 locations across the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, France and Spain.

It was designed and engineered by Scala Partner First Impression, the complete, scalable solution includes an HD video wall, powerful sound and DMX lighting systems.

Koen Wouters CIO at First Impression told us “Thanks to the flexibility of the Scala platform, we were able to fulfill all of our current requirements with a system that is future proof by being able to add more features as we move forward.”

The Virtual Fitness Experience offers live, virtual group lessons to provide an immersive exercise experience and uses Scala software to manage complex playlists centralized in a single environment for five countries. First Impression designed a complete solution that consists of an LED video wall, a powerful sound system and a colorful LED lighting set. With this equipment, any room is transformed into an immersive fitness experience.

Harry Horn, GM EMEA & VP Marketing Global of Scala told us “The availability of narrowcasting information screens and of virtual group lessons means Basic-Fit can offer optimum services and information to its customers, providing a full range of sports with minimal staffing, which results in lower subscription fees.”

The virtual lessons, including audio and lighting control system scripts (DMX), are all managed and distributed by over 2300 Scala players. To save power and reduce costs, the system is designed to only be active during designated times. With an average of eight displays per club, members see updated class schedules, current weather and news, and inspirational fitness content.

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