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Danoo’s Pick For CEO – Garry McGuire, Jr.

garryI wear the label of Danoo fan-boy [1] proudly. What’s not to like? – this company seems to making the right kind of moves to ensure its success over the past year. But today’s press release leaves me curiously intrigued and a bit gobsmacked.

Danoo has finally picked the person that will succeed Aileen Lee [2], who will now return to her position at Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers and also take up the position of Chair on Danoo’s Board.

Danoo’s pick for CEO can easily be described as a unknown in the DOOH industry. His name is Garry McGuire, Jr. [3]

The press release states:

McGuire has 15 years of advertising, marketing and general business experience on the client-side as a chief marketing officer and on the agency-side of the business as president of several domestic and international advertising agencies. Most recently, McGuire was the chairman of Icon Internet Ventures, which owns and publishes websites that aggregate target audiences.

Could the fact that Garry has no previous background in DOOH or experience with companies that operate digital signage networks be a major concern? I honestly don’t know.

Only time will tell but I did ask fellow contributor Bill Collins, principal of DecisionPoint Media Insights [4], who definitely thought that Mr. McGuire was a good pick for the Danoo CEO spot.

Bill told us exclusively “His background in advertising and Internet ventures should be a good complement to the strong start that Danoo has made in DOOH media since its founding just a few years ago. Hopefully Mr. McGuire will develop a strong relationship with Danoo’s partner, National CineMedia, to help move our entire DOOH media sector forward,”

Garry, if you are reading this post – please take good care of my dear little Danoo. Remember – I’ve got my eyes on you … we all do!