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Sébastien de La Bastie Joins French Startup Outsight

Google’s (former) Head of Business EMEA Sébastien de La Bastie has joined French startup Outsight as Chief Business Officer. His mission will be to roll out their Spatial Intelligence solution to major international players in the automotive and aeronautics sectors and to operators of large public spaces.

[1]In less than a year, Outsight has successfully designed and industrialised a new type of sensor, a revolutionary 3D Semantic camera. This smart laser, which has been the subject of 38 patent applications, gives machines and infrastructure the ability to perceive their environment, in real time.

It gives vehicles, machines and robots new intelligence which is also decisive in managing public spaces. Their claim is that Outsight 3D brings a new dimension to the Spatial Intelligence sector.

Raul Bravo, co-founder and President of Outsight, told us “Sébastien brings unique expertise to transform a cutting-edge technology into economic value. With him, those players who know the power of AI-based services will be able to benefit more rapidly from this 3D technology and turn it into a significant competitive advantage.”

Outsight innovation was presented with a prestigious Best of CES Innovation award in Las Vegas as well as the Prism Award by the world leaders in photonics and lasers.

Sébastien de La Bastie said “Google has changed the world and continues to grow strongly, particularly in AI, which is an exciting playing field. Outsight, meanwhile, is creating a technological stack of incredible depth, with a transformation potential that makes the adventure irresistible. In a world shaken by uncertainty, the ability to perceive and process massive amounts of 3D data in real time provides an understanding of events decisive to ensuring real Spatial Intelligence.”

Outsight develops hardware and software solutions for real-time 3D perception, using cutting-edge laser technologies. They provide Smart Machines and Smart Cities with a new level of understanding of their environment and events that occur there. They believe that these new capabilities contribute to building a safer and more resource-efficient world. Outsight’s international teams of scientists and engineers work with passion and dedication to achieve this from Paris, Helsinki and San Francisco.