Japan’s First ‘Outside-In’ Campaign is Live

Tristan Cotterill

We hear that in Japan, since July 1, 2020 Intel has been running a programmatic campaign on LIVE BOARD screens called ‘See It All’.

It was purchased by Intel’s #IoT division in North America using the Hivestack DSP, which programmatically bids on RTB bid requests from LIVE BOARD screens in Japan.

Ichiro Jinnai, President & CEO of LIVE BOARD said “It’s a great example of true, cross-continent programmatic DOOH! And the campaign implements the ‘3As’ approach to DOOH, which is being championed here by Intel’s thought-leadership”.

It’s the first ever outside-in programmatic DOOH buy in Japan. The campaign is activating LIVE BOARD screens based on audience movement patterns of healthcare, retail and manufacturing decision makers. Business outcomes will be measured when the campaign ends and we understand that more will be revealed in September newsletter


This means that each screen can be programmatically activated when there is an audience in front of the screen.


This means that the media holds itself responsible for ensuring the ad was delivered to the screen.


This means that a programmatic platform enables marketers to link or attribute business outcomes such as in-store visitation to DOOH ad exposure.

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