Hilite Outdoor Partners With @StreetMetrics

Tristan Cotterill

StreetMetrics (Techstars ATL ‘19), an independent third party measurement provider dedicated to out-of-home ads that move, has announced that Toronto-based Hilite Outdoor has become the newest addition to its network of media partners.

Hilite Outdoor CEO and Founder Solomon Misghina told us “We are very excited to partner with StreetMetrics. Combining the massive reach of DOOH with their advanced measurement solution gives us an innovative edge that makes our clients choose Hilite Outdoor over other DOOH providers. In addition, being able to retarget audiences who have seen our on-the-street at eye-level digital ads makes a Hilite campaign spark a brand’s conversation with its customer”.

Hilite Outdoor, the first car-based digital media operator in Canada, provides high-resolution digital screens to rideshare drivers in densely populated urban areas. Their taxi-top style screens play dynamic ad content based on vehicle location and time of day, allowing brands to deliver high-impact messaging to their target audiences at eye-level. Drivers who place Hilite’s screens atop their vehicles enjoy additional income.

StreetMetrics CEO and Founder Drew Jackson said “Hilite Outdoor understands the power that digital brings to out of home ads. Digital out of home is growing at a rapid pace – programmatic delivery through street-level screens in motion makes it even more powerful” said . However, until recently, the measurement tech needed to verify this power was missing. Now, with a purpose-built solution from StreetMetrics, moving digital media companies like Hilite can finally validate the impact of their media. Hilite has embraced the digital out of home revolution, and we’re here to support them with industry leading measurement to ensure that the performance of every ad play is properly gauged.”

StreetMetrics is basically a measurement and attribution software provider and provides an online platform to buyers and sellers of moving ads so they can track their ads’ performance in near-real time. Using GPS data from vehicles and matching it with geo location data from mobile devices, StreetMetrics can measure impressions at the ad play level, conduct mobile retargeting and provide attribution studies for media operators and agencies.

StreetMetrics was founded in 2016 and currently measures moving media in 30 of the top 35 DMAs in the US, Canada, and a handful of countries across Europe and South America.

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