New @EInk Based Digital Paper tablet

Tristan Cotterill

E Ink Holdings Inc. (8069.TWO) and Avalue Technology Inc. (3479.TWO), a global industrial PC solution provider, have announced a Digital Paper tablet that can be used for a wide array of industrial and educational applications.

The Digital Paper tablet featuring E Ink’s proprietary electronic paper display, offers a paper-like experience for reading, annotating and note taking on letter size documents. The glare free, easy-on-the-eyes display is great for longer term immersive reading, even in direct sunlight. A non-slip surface delivers the feel of pen on paper when highlighting, annotating, or erasing on documents. With a thin, lightweight yet durable design, and long battery life, the Digital Paper tablet can improve existing document workflows to deliver a better, more efficient user experience.

Tim O’Malley, Associate VP of US Business, E Ink said “E Ink is very excited to be part of this new offering to our customers. This new product enables customers without a large product design department to quickly bring a new device to market, and gives consumers a writing device that has the look and feel of paper, with the benefits of a digital connection.”

Features and benefits:

Letter size – full page view, no scrolling or zooming
Reads like paper – no glare, use indoors or outside
Annotate, highlight, erase – enable active reading
Take handwritten notes – organize your thoughts and ideas
Always on – quick access to documents and notes
Long battery life – lasts about three weeks
Thin, lightweight – similar to about 30 pieces of paper
Durable and unbreakable – take it anywhere
Secure – keep documents digital
Wireless enabled – access documents and notes anywhere
Customizable – optimize for use with existing applications

Vincent Hsu, President of Avalue USA said “At Avalue, we deliver high quality solutions into different markets and we’re very excited to introduce E Ink technology into new industries and applications. We feel this solution can help to bring efficiency to many different markets.”

You can learn more here.

Avalue is a leading computing solution provider of healthcare, embedded, industrial, automation and IoT applications. With headquarters located in Taiwan, Avalue has global subsidiaries in USA, Japan and China. In addition, Avalue operates an extensive distribution network to accommodate and serve customers worldwide. Avalue is ISO 9001, ISO 13485, ISO14001 and OHSAS certified; the company is dedicated to provide customers with innovative and reliable products and services. The company offers hundreds of standard products, including Touch Panel PC, Industrial Computer, Motherboard, SOM, Tablet and various of ePaper solutions. With 20+ years of custom design and manufacturing experience, Avalue also provides customer with ODM, OEM and DMS services.

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